Today, technology has become a very important role in everyday life

Everyone, wanting to be young or old, in different age ranges, is accustomed to a lifestyle spoiled by sophisticated technology. In addition to enabling us to move, technology also helps us not to spend extra money in everyday.

Likewise with the hassle, nowadays, what else for people who do a lot of activity, there is rarely a time to stop at the mall or shops for sight-seeing bandar judi poker or daily improvement. So one of the effects is the trend and the trend of cheap goods. Therefore, today many people choose online theft. Not only save time, but also save costs.

Although many advantages in online, but online can sometimes be very complicated, because obviously we can not see and try the goods directly. So, sometimes it becomes a big issue in determining the items we will buy, especially buying shoes online, because usually the right moments, nothing can be found. Because determining size can be very problem, so what are the necessary tips to buy online?

1. Make Sure You Are In The Right Category

Make sure the shoes you want are in the right category, for example if you’re thinking about buying shoes for party wear like formal attire, pick shoes in the formal dress category, or look for shoes in outdoor categories for hiking, and sports for sports. With all the online bout Unite all the products in many categories, so it’s easier to buy the right product as needed.

2. Shop Online More Cheap

Many people who prefer to access online than the cost in the store directly, because it is no longer the goods in the online store is cheaper in his store directly. So maybe people go to his shop to try and see the details of the goods then they buy it online.

3. Size

Make sure you know the size of your feet, because not all sizes are made equal. For example the size of the number 9 can be made in 3 different versions, because even though the same size 9 but there are shorter, and also wide and various. Try to measure before you buy shoes, especially online to make it easier for you to get the right product.

If you want to measure your feet, it is advisable to measure in the afternoon, because the feet will be slightly swollen due to pressure that requires legs and also because of the lot. Also to use regular socks or you will wear with shoes that you will wear, or wear socks with a thickness that is.

Here are the steps to measure your feet:
– Prepare a wide blank paper or a plain cloth
– Prepare a pencil and a ruler
– Start with the biggest legs, usually the right foot,
– But up front to measure both legs to know which one is bigger
– Wear socks that are usually worn or will be worn by the shoes or socks with medium thickness
– Position your feet on the paper / cloth.
– Draw the outline of your feet carefully with a pencil and assisted with a ruler
– Measure the width of your foot, usually from the widest part, write the size
– Measure the length of the legs starting from the thumb to heel foot and write the size
– Compare your size to the size of shoe charts that are in maskoolin on the chart above

4. See Feedback from Other Customers

Notice the input! The easiest way to find out if the product matches the image and the price is to see feedback from customers who have already purchased it. If there is a problem or any dissatisfaction with the item they have purchased, they will file a complaint in the comment section for the product. Better observe in detail what past feedback from other customers before deciding to buy shoes.

5.Read the Good Rules of Return Policy

Never forget and be careless with the return policy in the online boutique. Read carefully before you issue your credit card and click buy. Try it for them to have a full refund rule and a non-complicated return rule. If possible, find people who have online rules where they can find items for free.

6. Pay attention to Shipping Option offered

If you buy shoes from online stores that are not based in Indonesia, you should be thorough about reading their delivery terms, what courier will they use to deliver the goods, and do you have to pay extra, what options can you choose for delivery your stuff. Like the one day delivery example that you usually have to pay a little more, there are also 2-3 business days, and finally which is usually free is between 5-7 working days.

However, not all online boutiques provide such an option. Many have also specified option, ie you have to pay extra for courier delivery. Make sure you do not need to pay extra tax when your goods come, and make sure also your goods will come safely.

If you ship from Indonesia, make sure also what courier they are using and what options are available, how much you should pay for shipping, and if they have no cheaper options, you can also directly contact them and send them in other ways Duck.

7. Notice the Product Quality Image You Want

Buying shoes online means we have no chance to hold the goods directly. So all we can rely is the image they display on their website. So make sure to choose an online boutique that provides product images that are quite detailed, large, and with good quality.

8. Materials & Colors

Not all online shops have their physical stores, but if they have, you’re pretty lucky. If there is spare time you can stop by to try to measure and check the quality and color. If they are just online, the best thing you can do is to read and observe in detail the material and color information of the item. Do not forget to read carefully how to care for the material. If you still have some confused and unclear things, do not be ashamed to ask their customer service and ask for further advice on the product.

9. Try Them On

If you have got the goods, be sure to try it out without cutting the price tag. But remember, be very careful, because if there is a little damage, you will definitely have trouble to return it without any penalty. It is recommended to try it on a soft, ideally indoor floor. Read also how to clean the sneakers shoes with the maximum here.

For quality goods, service, and delivery service, Maskoolin always provide the best. You can also enjoy Free Return facility which is rarely offered by other online shop! Let’s check Maskoolin’s high quality shoes at the best price below! Also provide your comments on the tips to buy shoes from Mister in the comment section.

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Types of Men’s Formal Shoes

For attending parties or formal events, women usually use high heels or wedges. Then what about men?

Actually men also have a variety of types of shoes that can be used to attend formal and semi-formal events. However, many still do not know each type, model, even the name of the man’s formal shoes. The average person only knows leather shoes that are formal shoes.

To solve the problem, Mister will be happy to introduce judi texas poker 8 types of men’s formal shoes based on the shape model. By knowing the types of men’s formal shoes below, Mister can guarantee you can explore different and cool new styles for your formal appearance. Check it out!

1. Oxford

Oxford shoes appear first in Scotland and Ireland and are usually called Barmorals. These shoes then gained popularity at the University of Oxford in 1800 until finally getting the same title with the name of the university.

The simple shape and smooth surface makes the formal men’s shoes with Oxford models into shoes required to complete their classic and official appearance. Over time, the Oxford shoe model has many design variations. But there was one that had never been eaten in those days, the Oxford leather shoe with a foot cap. This shoe model is considered perfect to complement the formal style ranging from tuxedo to the party to the appearance for a job interview.

It should be noted that black men’s formal shoes lose color faster than bright colors. Therefore, do not forget to spray your black collection so as not to quickly fade.

2. Derby

From the outward appearance, derby shoes are very similar to oxford shoes. What distinguishes it from Oxford shoes is that the ropes are more open so that this man’s formal shoe fits for several leg sizes at once. In addition, Derby has plates in his buttonhole, while Oxford does not.

3. Monk’s Rope

From the basic appearance, the monk’s shoelaces are similar to oxford or derby. But there is a clear distinction that you can see, the rope of a monk using a wide rope instead of a shoelace.


Loafers are slip-on shoes that are very practical to wear. These shoes usually have a rope, iron, or fringe that serves as decoration. However, there are also shoes with simple plain models that can be used for formal and casual appearance at the same time. Male formal shoe models usually have little or no heel so suitable for men with short body.

5. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea shoes are slip-on boots that are more practical to use than regular shoe shoes. This model extends upwards like a typical boots, but with a more elegant and neat model that can be used for formal appearances. Do not forget to take care of your shoes so you do not smell so hard to clean it.

6. Dress Shoes

Shoes dress is a formal shoe with a model that is almost the same as oxford or derby shoes, but with a higher model. If you want to wear these shoes for official occasions, choose skin-shiny and shiny black to make your appearance neat and maskoolin.

7. Chukka Shoes

Chukka boots are boots with short, open short sections that closely resemble the anatomy of the rope on derby shoes. Men’s formal shoes can be used in formal or casual events at once.

8. Pump Opera

This man’s official shoe model is not widely known by men. Basically, the opera pump has a shape similar to a female pump shoe, but it has a more masculine shape. You can use these shoes with modern settings for different views.

Now, did you know that men’s formal shoes are not limited to Oxford or Derby shoes? But Mister needs to be reminded, the level of men’s shoes depends on the shoe material and the color choices.

For example, oxford shoes made of black leather are perfect for formal occasions, but shoes with the same model and made of denim are more suitable for walking or casual wear.

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The Reason You Should Have Vans Shoes

Who the hell do today do not know Vans shoes? Since its founding in 1966, Vans classic deck shoe became a icon of contemporary shoes. Paul Van Doren, inventor of Vans, opened his first store in California. Adopted from the skate community, these shoes have thick rubber sole characteristics with waffle prints on several sides. These shoes have continued to be a casual shoe icon since the 60s.

Vans shoes are very famous as one of the best shoes sold in the market. You know what makes this shoe great? If you have never had this shoe for the rest of your life, ya Mister love 5 important reasons why you should have at least one Vans Shoes to support your appearance!

1. Vans Shoes Can Be Used in Various Situations

Often see people using Vans shoes in the mall? Is he a skater? Not necessarily, because now these shoes are commonly used to go for a walk, hangout, even to go to the office. Not only men who like to use these shoes, women have also situs judi poker online been using Vans type or authentic style shoes.

If you want to get a cool casual style, you can combine your Vans shoes with jeans, jogger pants, or shorts with a T-shirt or polo shirt. Vans are commonly used to relax for example Authentic type shoes, Era, Chukka, Sk8 lo, Sk8 Hi, and others. Vans shoes can also be combined with a blazer with troushers to get a charming smart-casual look. Blending Vans with suit? May also!

2. Model and Motif Vans Very Various Shoes

It is not all shoe models are skateboard shoes, especially shoes that are manufactured using premium materials or professional skater signature models or even famous bands. These shoes usually release a lot of colors and motifs for one model so that you can freely choose the type you like best. But certainly, you must have a plain Vans which is a basic item that must be owned by every man.

3. Vans Shoes Have Relative Price Fits in Pocket

Skateboarding can be an expensive sport and hobby if you are a sports fanatic. Every few months, you’ll need to buy new boards, trucks or wheels, and new shoes. Buying new shoes will be quite often done, considering skateboarding is a sport that is destined to destroy all the tools you use if you want to master it.

Buying new shoes on a regular basis is certainly not cheap. This is where the benefits of choosing Vans shoes, because Vans has a much cheaper price dibandingka other brands. For standard skateboard shoes, vans cost about $ 65 down, while other brands cost around $ 75 and $ 80 upwards.

4. Vans Shoes Very Comfortable to use

To become a reliable skateboarder, shoes are one of the main capital needed for every skater. This sport only requires boards and shoes as a tool to protect the feet from the friction of the sandpaper (grip tape) on the skate board. Choosing shoes to play this sport does take a lot of consideration. If the shoes used are uncomfortable, can cause injury to the user; if it is too narrow, then the foot will be easily scratched by the seams in the shoe; and if the shoes are too big, then the risk of getting ankle when trying various tricks is getting bigger.

5. Vans Shoes Have Strong Material

The durability of shoes for skateboarding is a must because chances are you have to change shoes three times and then change your board once. If skateboard shoes have a bad endurance, then everything we talked about above has no meaning anymore.

The main enemy of shoes on skateboarding is sandpaper or so-called grip tape that can easily spend your shoe soles, removing stitches, and punching the material. Vans shoes are considered the most durable skateboard boots by many professional skaters around the world. Although it looks devastated, Vans shoes are still nice to use.

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Fact About Vans Shoes


Facts for Vans Shoes Here!

Vans Shoes is one of the most popular brand of sneakers in the world, in 1966, these shoes were the shoes commonly used by sports skaters and enthusiasts, even today.

Let you know more about your favorite Vans shoes, Mister will discuss 5 facts that you must know about Vans shoes.

1. Standing In 1966

Vans Company has been established since 1966 in Anaheim, California by two brothers, Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren who then partnered with Gordon Lee and Serge Delia. At first this company wrestled in the field of rubber with the name of The Van Doren Rubber Company.

They make sales with the system in the judi poker uang asli message first. On this first day, they got an order of 12 pairs of shoes.

2. Serial Number

At the beginning of its emergence, each of these shoes is not by name, number number. The first released Vans Shoes are Vans # 44 which is now known as Vans Authentic. These shoes are made of thick canvas, threaded and become the best seller, especially for black shoes.

Besides the name of Vans shoes like, Vans The Era used to be known as Vans # 95, Old Skool used to be Vans # 36 and Vans # 98 is now better known as Vans Classic Slip on.

3. Debut Vans Slip On

Vans Shoes type Slip On is a shoe boots, Vans The best selling price to date. Vans classic Slip On became famous after the character Jeff Spicoli, played by Sean Penn currently in Fast Times at Ridgemont High in 1982

After the movie came out, Vans immediately flooded the orderan. Usually this company never sell shoes in California, suddenly get orders from all over America. This is the beginning of Vans shoes to be the best selling shoes in the world today.

4. Skateboarders’ shoes

Around 1970, Vans became the preferred boots for skateboarders and BMX riders. This is what makes Vans ultimately complete the shoe with leather on the feet and heels to make it easier and more comfortable.

In 1975, Vansupakan custom shoes for the skateboard, with back and collar combination and various color combinations.

5. Dress Shoes

In 2004 Vans gave its customers the opportunity to order Vans shoes with designs to their liking, but if possible.

After knowing the facts about Vans shoes, now more and more make you more interested to complete your collection right? For those of you who intend to buy Vans shoes do not get fooled by the fake.