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Facts for Vans Shoes Here!

Vans Shoes is one of the most popular brand of sneakers in the world, in 1966, these shoes were the shoes commonly used by sports skaters and enthusiasts, even today.

Let you know more about your favorite Vans shoes, Mister will discuss 5 facts that you must know about Vans shoes.

1. Standing In 1966

Vans Company has been established since 1966 in Anaheim, California by two brothers, Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren who then partnered with Gordon Lee and Serge Delia. At first this company wrestled in the field of rubber with the name of The Van Doren Rubber Company.

They make sales with the system in theĀ judi poker uang asli message first. On this first day, they got an order of 12 pairs of shoes.

2. Serial Number

At the beginning of its emergence, each of these shoes is not by name, number number. The first released Vans Shoes are Vans # 44 which is now known as Vans Authentic. These shoes are made of thick canvas, threaded and become the best seller, especially for black shoes.

Besides the name of Vans shoes like, Vans The Era used to be known as Vans # 95, Old Skool used to be Vans # 36 and Vans # 98 is now better known as Vans Classic Slip on.

3. Debut Vans Slip On

Vans Shoes type Slip On is a shoe boots, Vans The best selling price to date. Vans classic Slip On became famous after the character Jeff Spicoli, played by Sean Penn currently in Fast Times at Ridgemont High in 1982

After the movie came out, Vans immediately flooded the orderan. Usually this company never sell shoes in California, suddenly get orders from all over America. This is the beginning of Vans shoes to be the best selling shoes in the world today.

4. Skateboarders’ shoes

Around 1970, Vans became the preferred boots for skateboarders and BMX riders. This is what makes Vans ultimately complete the shoe with leather on the feet and heels to make it easier and more comfortable.

In 1975, Vansupakan custom shoes for the skateboard, with back and collar combination and various color combinations.

5. Dress Shoes

In 2004 Vans gave its customers the opportunity to order Vans shoes with designs to their liking, but if possible.

After knowing the facts about Vans shoes, now more and more make you more interested to complete your collection right? For those of you who intend to buy Vans shoes do not get fooled by the fake.

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