The Reason You Should Have Vans Shoes

Who the hell do today do not know Vans shoes? Since its founding in 1966, Vans classic deck shoe became a icon of contemporary shoes. Paul Van Doren, inventor of Vans, opened his first store in California. Adopted from the skate community, these shoes have thick rubber sole characteristics with waffle prints on several sides. These shoes have continued to be a casual shoe icon since the 60s.

Vans shoes are very famous as one of the best shoes sold in the market. You know what makes this shoe great? If you have never had this shoe for the rest of your life, ya Mister love 5 important reasons why you should have at least one Vans Shoes to support your appearance!

1. Vans Shoes Can Be Used in Various Situations

Often see people using Vans shoes in the mall? Is he a skater? Not necessarily, because now these shoes are commonly used to go for a walk, hangout, even to go to the office. Not only men who like to use these shoes, women have also situs judi poker online been using Vans type or authentic style shoes.

If you want to get a cool casual style, you can combine your Vans shoes with jeans, jogger pants, or shorts with a T-shirt or polo shirt. Vans are commonly used to relax for example Authentic type shoes, Era, Chukka, Sk8 lo, Sk8 Hi, and others. Vans shoes can also be combined with a blazer with troushers to get a charming smart-casual look. Blending Vans with suit? May also!

2. Model and Motif Vans Very Various Shoes

It is not all shoe models are skateboard shoes, especially shoes that are manufactured using premium materials or professional skater signature models or even famous bands. These shoes usually release a lot of colors and motifs for one model so that you can freely choose the type you like best. But certainly, you must have a plain Vans which is a basic item that must be owned by every man.

3. Vans Shoes Have Relative Price Fits in Pocket

Skateboarding can be an expensive sport and hobby if you are a sports fanatic. Every few months, you’ll need to buy new boards, trucks or wheels, and new shoes. Buying new shoes will be quite often done, considering skateboarding is a sport that is destined to destroy all the tools you use if you want to master it.

Buying new shoes on a regular basis is certainly not cheap. This is where the benefits of choosing Vans shoes, because Vans has a much cheaper price dibandingka other brands. For standard skateboard shoes, vans cost about $ 65 down, while other brands cost around $ 75 and $ 80 upwards.

4. Vans Shoes Very Comfortable to use

To become a reliable skateboarder, shoes are one of the main capital needed for every skater. This sport only requires boards and shoes as a tool to protect the feet from the friction of the sandpaper (grip tape) on the skate board. Choosing shoes to play this sport does take a lot of consideration. If the shoes used are uncomfortable, can cause injury to the user; if it is too narrow, then the foot will be easily scratched by the seams in the shoe; and if the shoes are too big, then the risk of getting ankle when trying various tricks is getting bigger.

5. Vans Shoes Have Strong Material

The durability of shoes for skateboarding is a must because chances are you have to change shoes three times and then change your board once. If skateboard shoes have a bad endurance, then everything we talked about above has no meaning anymore.

The main enemy of shoes on skateboarding is sandpaper or so-called grip tape that can easily spend your shoe soles, removing stitches, and punching the material. Vans shoes are considered the most durable skateboard boots by many professional skaters around the world. Although it looks devastated, Vans shoes are still nice to use.

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