Types of Men’s Formal Shoes

For attending parties or formal events, women usually use high heels or wedges. Then what about men?

Actually men also have a variety of types of shoes that can be used to attend formal and semi-formal events. However, many still do not know each type, model, even the name of the man’s formal shoes. The average person only knows leather shoes that are formal shoes.

To solve the problem, Mister will be happy to introduce¬†judi texas poker 8 types of men’s formal shoes based on the shape model. By knowing the types of men’s formal shoes below, Mister can guarantee you can explore different and cool new styles for your formal appearance. Check it out!

1. Oxford

Oxford shoes appear first in Scotland and Ireland and are usually called Barmorals. These shoes then gained popularity at the University of Oxford in 1800 until finally getting the same title with the name of the university.

The simple shape and smooth surface makes the formal men’s shoes with Oxford models into shoes required to complete their classic and official appearance. Over time, the Oxford shoe model has many design variations. But there was one that had never been eaten in those days, the Oxford leather shoe with a foot cap. This shoe model is considered perfect to complement the formal style ranging from tuxedo to the party to the appearance for a job interview.

It should be noted that black men’s formal shoes lose color faster than bright colors. Therefore, do not forget to spray your black collection so as not to quickly fade.

2. Derby

From the outward appearance, derby shoes are very similar to oxford shoes. What distinguishes it from Oxford shoes is that the ropes are more open so that this man’s formal shoe fits for several leg sizes at once. In addition, Derby has plates in his buttonhole, while Oxford does not.

3. Monk’s Rope

From the basic appearance, the monk’s shoelaces are similar to oxford or derby. But there is a clear distinction that you can see, the rope of a monk using a wide rope instead of a shoelace.


Loafers are slip-on shoes that are very practical to wear. These shoes usually have a rope, iron, or fringe that serves as decoration. However, there are also shoes with simple plain models that can be used for formal and casual appearance at the same time. Male formal shoe models usually have little or no heel so suitable for men with short body.

5. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea shoes are slip-on boots that are more practical to use than regular shoe shoes. This model extends upwards like a typical boots, but with a more elegant and neat model that can be used for formal appearances. Do not forget to take care of your shoes so you do not smell so hard to clean it.

6. Dress Shoes

Shoes dress is a formal shoe with a model that is almost the same as oxford or derby shoes, but with a higher model. If you want to wear these shoes for official occasions, choose skin-shiny and shiny black to make your appearance neat and maskoolin.

7. Chukka Shoes

Chukka boots are boots with short, open short sections that closely resemble the anatomy of the rope on derby shoes. Men’s formal shoes can be used in formal or casual events at once.

8. Pump Opera

This man’s official shoe model is not widely known by men. Basically, the opera pump has a shape similar to a female pump shoe, but it has a more masculine shape. You can use these shoes with modern settings for different views.

Now, did you know that men’s formal shoes are not limited to Oxford or Derby shoes? But Mister needs to be reminded, the level of men’s shoes depends on the shoe material and the color choices.

For example, oxford shoes made of black leather are perfect for formal occasions, but shoes with the same model and made of denim are more suitable for walking or casual wear.

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